The Importance of Learning the French Language

Of all the many languages available, you might wonder why decide on learning French. It is a fact that being to speak any foreign language will have its advantages such as being able to communicate with more people and being able to travel to more countries where you can understand what the people there are talking about. So, if you are able to know the French language, you will have benefits and to know them would be motivation enough for you to learn it.

The number one reason why you should learn the French language is that there are a number of French speakers around the globe. Be informed that it is not only France and Quebec are using the French language but also 32 countries that are spread over all 5 continents that are using it as the official language, not to mention the French as the second language in several other places being used. For your information, there are 70 member countries of the International Organization of La Francophonie and 200 million people speaking French all over the globe. It is a fact that throughout history France has been one of the main countries that were colonizing foreign nations, and after these nations gained back their independence, they opt to keep French as their main language. To mention these other French speaking countries aside from the obvious places, are Haiti, French Guyana, African countries like Chad, Madagascar and Niger, and in some European countries like Belgium and Switzerland, and in some parts of Louisiana USA.

There are more job opportunities if you know how to speak French and this is another reason why you should learn it. Among the job opportunities that you can find if you know how to speak French are to be in the industries of travel and tourism, in institutions teaching French course Ottawa, in being interpreter or translator in several agencies, and being hired and promoted in companies that are multinational and are dealing importation and exportation from countries that have French speaking population.

The next importance in learning French is that it is the official language of international organizations where you could be a part if you know the language. French is also used as the official language of these international organizations, aside from English as the main language school Ottawa, and these are the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, OECD and the European Community among a few.  

By learning French, you will have social advantages, aside from knowing this famed language of romance. It is a fact that when people would hear you speak both English and French, that they would have the inclination to think of you as an intelligent individual, not to mention the advantage of being culturally refined in learning the language.

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